Faux Granite

If you have something unsightly to cover or just looking for a great landscape feature - Createk Faux Boulders are just what you are looking for.  

We offer:

  • Septic Pipe Covers
  • Well Head Covers
  • Propane Tank Covers
  • Water Features
  • Benches
  • Light Posts
  • Key Stashes
  • Large Boulders
  • Bird baths
  • Planters
  • and more...

This artificial granite boulder  is so light, it can easily be moved during landscaping and mowing, but looks just like natural stone.  Our boulders come in several different sizes, colors, and shapes to match your landscape.   We can also custom make your stone with your address, name, or company logo or design etched on the front. 
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations being sold!  Compare sizes and check out the weight difference.  These are not plastic!  These are top quality faux boulders - We can customize colors to match your stones as well!

Createk is unique and has many advantages because it is:
  • Virtually weightless! It is only about 2.25 lbs per sf, and can therefore be easily installed and trasnported.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • UV resistant and has a Class 1 Fire Retardant Classification.
  • Easily power washed without changing the color or contour, so it will never need to be repainted or touched up.
I fell in love with this company quite by accident.  My husband and I are builders of custom homes, specializing but not limited to reproduction style houses.  Landscaping was challenging with septic pipes, well heads, and propane tank covers.  We quickly placed our order!  Shortly thereafter, we had Createk make us faux granite panels to hide the cement foundations.  It was worth every dollar spent!

This company is not like the box store suppliers! They have a resume like no other.  From the T-Rex Cafe at Disneyworld, Fl, museums, to Cabelas Retail in CT & ME - they've done them all. 

Email me at WiseL@comcast.net for quotes or call me at 603-770-2456