Tuesday, August 24, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things....

Fall is the time for harvest. It is a time to rejoice after a spring and summer of laborious hard work with a beautiful bounty. Tiresome hours of manipulating the soil for a great crop, trying to outwit mother nature's rasp of disease and insects. Our harvest is our trophy.

Both my mother and father taught me how to garden. Not through books and boring lectures but by their actions and passion. My father actually had an article written up in a Portsmouth, NH paper. "The King of Compost", which he was. He may not have the most ideal setting for his garden, but he can produce organic crops for sure. Buckets of coffee grinds picked up from local coffee shops, as well as egg shells - nothing goes wasted. He is a fine example of "going green" before it was hip.

With fall comes the sense of urgency, like squirrels gathering nuts when the crisp air starts to settle in at night.

Autumn is bittersweet for what lays ahead in New England, I think that's why we are blessed with such a spectacular season both weather wise, and its gorgeous pallet of scenic vistas.

If you ask most who left New England, fall is what they miss the most, I know I would.

One of my favorite fall flowers is the Sweet Autumn Clematis (scaling the edge of my house in the photo on the right). The smell is like no other. It blooms for a long period of time and gives the illusion of a snow covered vine. I would suggest everyone have at least one in their landscape. These are beautiful tumbling over a split rail fence.
Don't be worried if there are no signs of SAC in the spring. She puts on such a show so late in the year, she tends to be lazy waking up. Also - do not cut back this twiggy vine in the spring. It will come alive...I promise you.

Thank you for letting me ramble... once again.

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