Monday, August 23, 2010

To Garden Or Not To Garden, That Is The Question

Twelve years ago while out going to yard sales I came across a beautiful reproduction Royal Barry Wills Cape Cod style home surrounded by lush perennial gardens. I instantly knew I was going to like these people and we were quick to start up what turned into being a full day of bonding. We shared gardening tips and tribulations. She was kind enough to dig up a few runaway favorites for me to take home. She was also quick to give me some advice on her crucial mistake. Although her yard was gorgeous, she wishes she had not done quite so much. As time had gone on, splitting daylilies, hostas, and other perennials turned into another garden, and another, and another. She went on to say, "Whatever you do, do not garden yourself out of your home like I have. Doing so takes a hobby, a love, and a passion and turns it into an overwhelming chore, wiping out all the fun."

Well, wouldn't you know, I have done just that. Now, I haven't gotten so bad as the need to move yet, that's for sure, but it is with great sadness that this fall I will advertise to friends, family, neighbors and perhaps even a Craig's list posting to please bring shovels and help me put my gardens to rest. With these tough economic times I have been forced to go back to work, not only full time, but full time along with many other small part time jobs as well. I can not bare to look out my windows or drive up my driveway and see the deterioration of my gardens any longer.

In my opinion, a reproduction home can be just as beautiful and true to form with a simple lilac (my favorite, Miss Kim variety that stays low and compact) at the corner of the house, and a clump of daylilies by the granite steps (make sure they are one of the many new reblooming varieties).

I will try to take photos throughout this massive undertaking. I think in the long run my gardening skills would be better served growing vegetables and fruit trees for our family.

Wish me luck!

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