Thursday, January 14, 2010

Createk Boulders Make it to Ireland!

One never knows what my day will bring, and this week has been a crazy one! I have been very busy working with Createk through the power of email to custom make boulders for a customer in Ireland!

Not just once! After receiving his first boulder, he quickly turned around to order two additional stones.

Ireland's stones do not have the typical granite look that we are accustomed to here. For no additional cost Createk was kind enough to match his photos.

Hi Lauren

Success!!! It arrived an hour ago ~ and i must say it looks VERY realistic :) it will be perfect for the use I have in mind and the color is spot on also ....once again many thanks for your assistance



Our last little trick of the trade is for Paul to crumble moss over the stones after coating the rocks with buttermilk or yogurt. I dare anyone to try to find the faux boulders!

Once again Createk has proven to be a company I feel proud to represent. My many thanks to all who made this happen!

So remember ~ whether you have something you want to hide, or you would like to add character to your gardens, Createk is there for you!

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