Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm a Little Bit Country...

Elvis perching on twigs...

Such a broad word. To some it means your geographical location, the music you like, or your taste in decorating. Some may think its a combination of all of the above. In my opinion, its not. Country is in your soul. For years I've received gifts from friends and family that do not in any way capture "my" country. White wooden geese with blue checked bows on their neck screaming "welcome" were supposed to adorn my door? I think not. My country is a real goose honking when somebody drives down the dirt driveway.

Last year my husband got one more chore off his "honey do" list. Finally I had my clothesline. Some commented on where it was located because folks may see it when coming up the driveway. Was that a problem for them? It certainly wasn't for me. We build reproduction homes, farm houses are my favorite. Is it so insane to think it actually adds to the beauty of a farm to see sheets on a clothesline blowing in the breeze? In my country mind it is one of the most important landscaping assets I could add to our home (not to mention an incredible money savings).

Country is knowing your hands aren't going to look so great through the planting season. I laugh when I see some gardening shows with women in sundresses and floppy hats. They carry baskets for their fresh veggies and cut flowers. When I garden I am covered from head to toe in compost with an occasional added accessory of a twig snagged in my hair. A funny little side note ~ I had my son's friend's father stop by to pick up his boy one day. He had his khaki pants, pink polo and boat shoes on. Told me how much he loved to garden. Obsessed I believe is the word he used. I've seen the landscaping trucks at his beautifully groomed Mc-mansion and it is lovely. He bent over and picked up the top dressing in my perennial garden. He asked me what mulch I had used, he had never seen it before. Cocoa shells he asked? I said no, sheep manure. No words to describe how quickly he dropped the handful of black gold he was grasping.

So country's not a what, and I love it!


  1. Your garden looks great to me, Lauren! I love natural rock but have never been entirely comfortable with the idea of taking real rocks from the spots where nature put them, so the Createk product really interests me. And having had a much-loved pooch who lost the use of her hind legs in old age, I also am very grateful to people who design and sell mobility devices for dogs. You're doing an amazing job of "doing well by doing good." Congratulations!

    PS: I have ducks too, only mine are Muscovies.