Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cedar Hill Farm and Gardens - The Planting Has Begun

You know, we New Englanders must be crazy to live here. It was a tough winter here both weather wise and economically. Ice damage snapped trees, power was lost for weeks - only returning a few days before the holiday. We stoked the wood stove 24/7 as we couldn't afford to keep filling the gas tank for heat. I felt somewhat like a pilgrim of sorts. Even found myself enjoying the satisfaction of creating a meal on top of the wood stove instead of turning on the oven. It was short lived however, I burned out, no pun intended.

Spring arrived in all its glory. Signs of life popping up all around me, that and three weeks of May Flies that somehow slipped through Alfred Hitchcock's movie making. Cartoon characterized skulls and crossbones formed around me whenever I'd make an attempt to run outside and do a little spring cleaning. I certainly could have turned my energy to "inside" spring cleaning but after spending a long winter in my four walls, I was on a mission to breath fresh air.

I am trying to make smarter selections for annual plantings this year here at home. My summer cottage has wreaked havoc on my gardens here at Cedar Hill these last two summers. It's a tough call...stay here and weed? Sit on the dock with my morning coffee? How long can I hold back friends from taking the "tour"? Maybe I can just tell them I moved - better yet, invite them North where there are no expectations on landscaping. I am making one serious mistake though, but its like the addict that needs "just one more". Every time I divide a perennial, somehow it ends up vacationing with me. One lake garden installed, please don't let there be another....I have no place left to run to.

Clay pots here at home will be low maintenance consisting of grasses, geraniums, portulaca's etc.
Flowers are flowers and nobody will miss the pots I used to create. If they do, just drive North, I've got them all up there.
Thanks for letting me ramble ~

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