Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Got all your ducks in a row?

Before you jump down my throat for getting frustrated with nature, believe me when I tell you I understand the circle of life, the chain of all things living if you will. But it still doesn't soften the blow of nature's wrath on some of my old farm yard friends - especially the feathered ones. I decided to post some photos of my Peking ducks. They lived here for 12 years and it was a ton of work keeping them safe. Constantly distorting my body into crazy gyrations scaring away the red tail hawk, kicking a raccoon (not one of my smarter moves) off of "Limpy's" back in high heels one night in the pitch dark, and chasing a red fox around the yard in my nightgown, bare foot in the snow (again - I never said I was intelligent) who had "Limpy" by the throat (name meaning something to you now?) In thinking back I wonder if I ever, in those 12 years had a good night sleep. Although they were tucked in their own duck palace - it never seemed to be enough. The sound of a fisher cat's scream is something that haunts me to this day. I've posted a few pictures of the four of them - hope you enjoy!

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