Friday, April 10, 2009

Words of Wisdom

When I wake in the morning my mind immediately begins to spin. What first? What follows? Biggest question is, what can I procrastinate and put off until tomorrow? It is awesome working from home, don't get me wrong. But as I sit in my office typing, with the sun shining in my front window, instead of seeing beauty and all things spring, I see the particles of dust dancing in the rays of sunlight. I don't want to be like that but its really tough to change. Unfortunately, I think I am getting worse as I get older. Could I be turning into my mother? The mother I stop in for a quick visit with and have to lift my feet so she can wipe down the cobweb she only seems to see when and where I sit?

I have an Aunt and Uncle who have three children - we cousins all call them the "over-achievers". (Secrets out now). Each one of these cousins have gone above and beyond. A doctor, a teacher, and a talented builder. How did they raise such terrific kids? They never followed the trends of the sagging down jeans, wallets that needed to be chained to their belt loops or god forbid the pierced ears. They were presidents of their class, top honors, humble and genuinely nice kids. Years passed and we took a trip up to my Aunt and Uncle's farm house in Maine. A beautiful old Cape, barn in a bit of disrepair but still beautiful. As I entered the house, I was a little taken back by the stacks of laundry, dishes in the drainer and all walls crying out for a fresh coat of paint. Did she not know we were coming? My Aunt was quick to explain the clutter but was in no way apologizing. She said to me, "my children are children for such a short time. Will they remember that their house was immaculate and everything was in its place? Or will they remember our hikes, ski weekends, and family outings?"
They really were the perfect family - I think I found what fits into my procrastination category for today - housework!

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  1. I find your wise words more than pay off the procrastination. Parenting is no simple matter.I'm glad that in my advanced ( senior) years I begin to love my parents more than ever. Both are still fine. I guess they have made me love them very early in my life despite very trying and difficut times bringing up all 12(read : Twelve) of us children. Guess love is more important than wealth.