Monday, April 6, 2009

Rock Walls

With Springtime upon us here in New England you can't help but get excited for the change. Cabin fever is behind us and the landscape is changing. Birds are singing their springtime calls, the grass is getting green and my gardens are showing life again.

I start out by assessing all of winter's damage. From my flower gardens, to my rock walls, out buildings, to our home - winter has shown it's fury once again.

I find that the "less perfect" landscape works for our home, thank goodness. Having built a reproduction home allows our hardscape and landscape room for error. When we built our home 10 years ago, money was tight. I insisted I could do it all, and I did. I was close to 40 years young and gathered all the stones throughout our property. Even went so far as to stop excavation in process to jump in the foundation hole for a boulder or two. Very cost effective I might add. Not only did I build a 200' long rock wall, but it was a retaining wall at that. Very unforgiving to New Englands frosts.

We New Englanders must be different. Just a few short weeks of each season, always picking up, shutting down, closing off, opening up and cleaning up. Never a dull moment.

Our newest challenge is a small cottage we purchased on a lake. First project I tackled - a new rock wall. What is this passion for rocks?

I've posted a few photos - am looking forward to Createk creating a nice faux boulder for retaining walls. My back would appreciate it! Check out Createk's website. Their work is beautiful and true to life. You can find some of my listings on NH Craig's List or on EBay

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