Saturday, April 4, 2009

Createk helps my love for granite!

A Realistic Lightweight Alternative to Granite

Createk is Unique

Virtually weightless! It is only about 2.25 lbs. per sf, and can therefore be easily installed and transported.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
UV resistant and has a Class 1 Fire Retardant Classification.
Easily power washed without changing the color or contour, so it will never need to be repainted or touched up.

Garden Rocks – Many Sizes
Boundary Posts (with or without Septic Vent)
Garden Seats
Fountains – 3 Sizes Available!
Outlet Covers
Light Covers
Fence Posts
Skimmer Covers
Stone Benches
Septic Pipe Covers (4” aluminum vent)
Well Head Covers
Sun Dials
Propane Covers
Birdbaths (with or without Septic Vent)
Spa Steps

I personally fell in love with this company through our construction business. A husband and wife team of builders specializing but not limited to reproduction homes. Nothing drove me more crazy than the challenge of well heads, propane tank covers, and those all too familiar septic pipe vents. Once we discovered Createk – it was a challenge no longer. What was once an eyesore was now a focal point. We also contracted Createk make us custom panels to hide our foundations…you had to touch it to know that it wasn’t real granite.
These are lightweight but heavy enough to not need staking like some of the box store boulders.
Createk has a resume like no other. They have supplied products and created custom boulders and displays for T-Rex CafĂ© in Disneyworld, Florida, Museums, and Cabela’s Retail in CT and ME.
Please feel free to check out my listings on EBay for Createk products or email me directly for costs and shipping!

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  1. Well that is different! For a moment I thought I had found a kindred rock aesthete!
    Much lighter to carry home than the real hard stuff I play with.

    I hope you are having a sunnier day than I am. The weather here in Scotland is kind of variable. Two weeks ago I was out in the wilds in glorious sunshine (unusual this time of year), last weekend I was out in snow and now we are back to rain. Still they say variety is the spice of life.
    Take care and have fun.
    Best Wishes